AcAp Ventures

AcAp Ventures is involved in the investment and management of start-ups, in different sectors, from series A to C, in Europe and outside

Moma! International

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For the last ten years MOMA have made it their mission to make the humble oat more awesome, and introduce more people to the healthy potential of our beloved oats.

OXXOT studies, manufactures and markets made in Italy technologies applied to the field of regenerative medicine. Their professional lines of electromedical and dermo-cosmetic products offer effective and innovative aesthetic treatments, obtained through modern cell-regeneration technologies.

Travel Ledger

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Travel Ledger is a billing and settlement platform run and governed by the travel industry that will highly automate the travel purchasing process along the entire distribution chain while reducing the cost to process payments for all parties.

Omega is a new paradigm digital banking solution designed to provide free banking service around the world and democratise access to financial products, such as credit cards, loans, savings, insurance and other.

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